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Only Fighters Left Behind - Coverart vie

Het Nieuwsblad - "A drizzly but stunning debut that provides a soundtrack for wistful winter days. It's no coincidence that 'Only Fighters Left Behind' can only be described as an epic. A grand beginning."


De Morgen -"A dream debut where the band surpasses the promise right from the start."

The Daily Indie (NL) -"A delightful debut album of dark trip-hop. The dark sound that permeates throughout is raw and in your face one moment, while feeling dreamy and melancholic the next. With Vanneste's Cordette Quartet the album occasionally takes on a classical touch, and Driftwood establishes a truly unique sound with their fine debut album."

Luminous Dash - "The album boasts a wide range of sound colors and textures, and spatially, it ranges from claustrophobic to expansive. With 'Only Fighters Left Behind,' Driftwood, after two excellent singles, delivers an incredibly strong debut album."


Written in Music (NL) - "Only Fighters Left Behind is an exciting audio drama that emerges from the realm of trip-hop. The distinctive Belgian approach incorporates elements from the ever-evolving jazz community, resulting in nocturnal club darkness marked by counterpulsing rhythms. The album closes flawlessly. You couldn't introduce yourself any better; a splendid record!"




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