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Driftwood is wood that has been washed

onto a shore by the action of wind, tides or waves.
It's a form of marine debris or tide wrack.

Driftwood floats on a river.
Sometimes the river is calm and quiet.
Sometimes it is wild, turbulent and unpredictable.
A river can be wide, if so, one is not able to see the other shore.
But a river can be narrow and claustrophobic as well.
Driftwood can get stuck between big rocks hidden in the river flow.
It may have scars of past collisions.
A metaphor for our own path of life and our music more specific.



23 September 2022

NEW SINGLE - Land Of Riots

Land Of Riots touches on the endless and sometimes hopeless conflict that can arise between people or societies having expectations towards each other which are never resolved. Each fights from its own perspective. Sometimes hopeful and constructive, sometimes overpowered by despair and fury. Striving for equal rights, everyone loses themselves until nothing is left. Only where silence meets tranquility can a new chapter begin. Destruction and creation often go hand in hand against our own will.

Seeds Of Foreign Grass _ artwork.jpg

16 April 2021

NEW SINGLE - Counterattack

With this specific, rhythmic, jazzy and exuberant song DRIFTWOOD literally and figuratively places an attack against all the fear-mongering we have been dealing with in recent months. Together with the help of a world-class man, Joey Waronker, on drums, percussion and behind the buttons from Los Angeles they want us to sweep everything off the table, dance and to get on with life. Joey Waronker worked together with beautiful people such as  Thom Yorke, Beck, Nigel Godrich, Yeasayer, Other Lives and many more. Together with visual artist Isabel van Hecke who created the artwork for this song, DRIFTWOOD launches a real counterattack.

Land Of Riots artwork.jpg

12 november 2021

NEW SINGLE - Seeds of Foreign Grass

A song that addresses the difficulty of finding your individuality in a world full of stimuli that constantly demand your attention. You are constantly being pulled away from yourself, by others, by ideas, by examples. These 'seeds', which are actually foreign to us, can grow into mastodons and take us further away from who we essentially are. We are all tempted to adapt. Often without us even realizing it. And yet, it is difficult for a stranger to settle in. Searching for your own path through the maze of strange crops, daring to fully go through with it in order to bump into like-minded people, that is in short what this song is about.

Driftwood_Counterattack ARTWORK.jpg
Only Fighters Left Behind - Coverart vie

29 February 2020

ALBUM RELEASE -Only Fighters Left Behind

Het Nieuwsblad - "Een bloedmooi debuut."


De Morgen -"Een droomdebuut waarbij de band al meteen de belofte voorbij is."

The Daily Indie -"Een heerlijke debuutplaat van duistere triphop."




DRIFTWOOD is the Belgian-American collaboration around artistic duo architect-musician Sam De Bock and musician-composer Patricia Vanneste (Sohnarr, Hydrogen Sea, ex-Balthazar).


With absolute world-class musicians on board such as Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms For Peace, Thom Yorke, R.E.M.), Timothy Lefebvre (David Bowie, Elvis Costello, The Black Crowes, Sting) and Donny McCaslin (David Bowie, Dave Douglas, Sun Kil Moon), it should come as no surprise that this band aspires to a distinctive sound. The fusion of Vanneste's melodic expression and De Bock's structural, collage-like approach creates a unique harmony that finds common ground with Massive Attack, Tricky and Lamb as well as Mark Lanegan.


Currently, DRIFTWOOD is putting the finishing touches to its second full album, expected in autumn 2024.


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